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Zhapu Road

Zhapu RoadZhapu Road is located at the northern side of the Bund that near North Sichuan Road, which is the famous business street in Shanghai.

There are lots of Chinese restaurants along Zhapu Road. Including all kinds of well-known Chinese cuisines can be found here, such as Sichuan, Cantonese, Shandong and so on. All of these restaurants were built here after the rebuilding of this road in 1995. They are in medium prices which are popular with middle class. Because it’s cheap and in good taste, lots of citizens and tourists coming here to sample the delicious food. The middle class is wild about having party and klatch here.

Although the eating environment on Zhapu Road is sometimes crowded and quite noisy, tasting delicious dish in such ambience is a popular Chinese custom which is liked so much by the middle class in Shanghai. You can enjoy your Chinese style meal in this area, and have a different feeling in the local restaurant. So, it is also a good place for your learning Chinese table custom and character. You will find something different but strange in local Chinese culture.