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Five Top Reasons for Coming to Shanghai

If you wish to learn more about the modern history of China, come to Shanghai!
If you want to discover how the East meets the West in China, come to Shanghai!
If you wish to visit shopping paradise, come to Shanghai.
If you would like to experience the power of China's economic and financial strength, come to Shanghai!
If you wish to find a good resemblance of Manhattan in China, come to Shanghai!

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As the eighth largest city around the world, Shanghai is an independent City administered directly by the central government. It is a bustling metropolis with a total area of 6,341 square kilometers and the largest and the most populous city in China. Shanghai located at latitude 31° 14' N and longitude 121° 29' E, occupies the front edge of the Yangtze River Delta and faces the East China Sea at the mouth of the Yangtze River...

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